I'm Chuck Bass.

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Charles Bartholomew Bass.
Running my own Empire in NYC.
Everything else is yet to be determined.
"I'm Chuck Bass. Noone cares."

I’d hit that. I mean….

I’d hit that. I mean….

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what happened to the hideous chuck bass scarf ? his symbol that we know and love?

I out grew the scarf. I no longer needed it to feel secure with myself. I’m Chuck Bass. Lets be honest, it wasn’t that hideous was it? I havent met many girls who thought so….

Anonymous asked:
do you still love blair?

A part of me will always love Blair, anon.

Anonymous asked:
i just wanna say- chuck bass doesn't need a blair waldorf in his life to be chuck bass. no matter how much i love you together, and how much it hurts me to see her with dan- she is not the same; her complete personality has changed because she's with him. you have grown up for sure chuck but you're still the chuck we all love and want to see happy.

Thank you. Its taken me awhile to get past “Im not Chuck Bass without you”. Like they say, you can’t be happy with someone until you’re happy with yourself.

Anonymous asked:
You are a beautiful person :)

As are you, anon. ;)

Anonymous asked:

Im sorry your parents couldn’t afford to send you to a better school. Where’d you grow up with grammar like that, Brooklyn?

Wake up...

I could say the same to you, Waldorf…

Anonymous asked:
Do you regret Eva and Raina since it hurt Blair do much?

I can’t regret anything, anon. Its brought me where I am today and helped me become the person I am today. Plus, I’m Chuck Bass and have no time for petty regrets.

Anonymous asked:

I see you’ve been in my bed before. You know where to find me…

would you let blair stay with dan? I mean, with the prince because it was like a fairytale but with HUMPHREY? that's just horrible

I cant control who Blair is or isn’t with. So “letting” her stay with Humphrey isn’t an option for me. Blair is a grown woman, capable of making her own decisions. Even if they are bad ones.